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Semantic Kernel is a .NET SDK to enable integration of AI Large Language Models

published on 2023/03/20

Semantic Kernel (SK) is a lightweight SDK enabling integration of AI Large Language Models (LLMs) with conventional programming languages. The SK extensible programming model combines natural language semantic functions, traditional code native functions, and embeddings-based memory unlocking new potential and adding value to applications with AI.

Semantic Kernel is designed to support and encapsulate several design patterns from the latest in AI research, such that developers can infuse their applications with complex skills like prompt chaining, recursive reasoning, summarization, zero/few-shot learning, contextual memory, long-term memory, embeddings, semantic indexing, planning, and accessing external knowledge stores as well as your own data.


Microsoft Power Fx is a low-code general purpose programming language based on spreadsheet-like formulas

published on 2023/03/17

Power Fx is designed to target the maker audience, whose members haven't been trained as developers. Wherever possible, we use the knowledge that this audience would already know or can pick up quickly. The number of concepts required to be successful is kept to a minimum.

Being simple is also good for developers. For the developer audience, we aim to be a low-code language that cuts down the time required to build a solution.

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It is open source and you can find it on GitHub.

A comprehensive treatise on how Async/Await Really Works in C#

published on 2023/03/17

While it’s common to use this support without knowing exactly what’s happening under the hood, I’m a firm believer that understanding how something actually works helps you to make even better use of it. For async/await in particular, understanding the mechanisms involved is especially helpful when you want to look below the surface, such as when you’re trying to debug things gone wrong or improve the performance of things otherwise gone right. In this post, then, we’ll deep-dive into exactly how await works at the language, compiler, and library level, so that you can make the most of these valuable features.

Microsoft DevBlogs

This is an amazing and in-depth discussion on C# async/await.