A new tool to scale

published on 2022/04/07

Database has always been a bottleneck in scaling system. You either Scale Up or Scale Out. You also start introducing different ways to cache data and query results. In SilverKey, we rely on Microsoft Orleans, a distributed actor framework, that allows us to use actors that maintain their own state away from the primary database. We also love CitusDB, a PostgreSQL extension that helps manage database sharding.

At ReadySet, we believe there is a better way. Today, we’re excited to introduce our namesake SQL caching engine that fully automates cache maintenance and can be used without code or database changes.


Among many of its claim, this is the most interesting

ReadySet provides developers with the straightforward experience of a single-node relational database. ReadySet is wire-compatible with MySQL and Postgres and can be integrated into existing applications by simply changing a connection string.

A simple and developer friendly mechanism to scale data access would be invaluable.

We are looking forward to hear more real world experience of people using ReadySet to scale their systems.