Adjusting to COVID-19

published on 2020/04/02

We have instituted working from home policy since March 10, 2020 in response to the threat of COVID-19 in Egypt. We are grateful that we are based in a country that is taking this pandemic seriously and taking necessary policies and actions to deal with the situation.

We realize that we have the privilage of being a software company that most of us are able to work effectively from home. Fortunately we are used to working from home. We have employees who have been working from home since they joined the company. People also regularly work from home in our normal operating times.

We do realize that working in a pandemic is not a normal working condition. Colleagues with children from example have to deal with additional burden of dealing with closed schools. We make adjustment to our schedules and plans to ensure that our software development process and schedules reflect the dire emergency situation we are all in.

Our priority remains that our colleagues can continue to work safely. Be safe everyone.