RavenDB is awesome - but not perfect

published on 2013/08/29

This is a review for the 2.0 version

Our system is a problem resolution system for an automated data exchange between our company and our clients. The data exchange has long suffered from data quality issues and hence, we were tasked with building an online system to ameliorate the current manual heavy process for resolving the data issues. We communicate with the upstream system by receiving and sending flat files dropped into a folder (boo!). The files can be very large, and the shape of the data is conceptually different than how our application displays and processes events in our system. As part of processing the data we receive we have to do a fuzzy comparison to the existing data for each logical document because we don’t have any correlation identifier from the upstream system (this was obviously a severe flaw in the process, but I don’t have much control over this issue). The challenge for us with RavenDb was that we would have to process large bursts of data that involved both heavy reads and writes.

Jeremy Miller

This post is worth reading in full when you are considering of adopting RavenDB. RavenDB can be very very productive to use from a developer’s perspective. Just watch out for some edge cases.