The CoreWCF, a port of WCF to the .NET Core platform, has reached 1.0

published on 2022/04/29

The CoreWCF Project team has released the 1.0 version of CoreWCF, a port of WCF to the .NET Core platform. It provides a compatible implementation of SOAP, NetTCP, and WSDL. Usage in code is similar to WCF, but updated to use ASP.NET Core as the service host, and to work with .NET Core. This is the first major release of the project, and provides WCF functionality for .NET Core, .NET Framework, and .NET 5+.


This is a fantastic progress for projects that have been held back using .NET Framework 4.8 or earlier because of WCF dependency. Now they can migrate relatively pain free to .NET 6 and beyond. Most importantly, although the project itself is a community run project, Microsoft will provide support for CoreWCF.