The IT Technology Chasm

published on 2019/05/11
A picture of a natural canyon

This is a very cool project that allows people to run Swift on Web Assembly. This project represents the bleeding edge of software development technology that allow static languages to produce software that runs on a browser by targeting a standard. Blazor.NET technology allows .NET developers to use C# and F# to target Web Assembly.

On the other spectrum, the majority of developers and IT departments are running on mature and legacy systems.

For all of this variety of reasons and more, the majority of companies that are at the pinnacle of succes in America are quietly running Windows Server 2012 behind the scenes.

And, not only are they running Java on Windows 2012, they’re also not doing machine learning, or AI, or any of the sexy buzzwords you hear about. Most business rules are still just that: hardcoded case statements decided by the business, passed down to analysts, and done in Excel sheets, half because of bureacracy and intraction, and sometimes, beacause you just don’t need machine learning.

Vicky Boykis

The approach we take in SilverKey for our technology stack reflects on this chasm.

For our data storage and related infrastructure services, we are very conservative. Most of our project rest their data foundation on tried and proven RDBMS technology such as SQL Server and Postgres. We use RabbitMQ for messaging and Redis for caching. Our ORM of choice has been continuously developed since 2003.

Our choice of JavaScript framework, Vue.js, is also conservative. We choose it because it is sensible and does not try to do too much.

On the other hand, we are very aggressive in using every advanced development framework such as ASP.NET Core 3.0 (still in previews). Our very popular ASP.NET Core samples is up to date with the latest version of ASP.NET Core 3 previews. We start using Blazor.NET to our mainline development. We have been using Flutter before it reached 1.0 last year.

So far this dual approach has served our needs well in delivering software for our clients. We do keep in mind that not everybody take or able to take our approach.