YDB - an open source Distributed SQL Database

published on 2022/04/20
  • Add or remove nodes to easily scale up and scale down as needed. YDB is proven to work in real production with millions of transactions per second and petabytes of data for mission-critical, real-time applications.
  • YDB combines strong consistency, ACID transactions, high performance queries, fast data ingest with a familiar SQL dialect and JSON API support. Works with any modern workloads: key-value, relational, JSON.
  • Automatic recovery after a disk, server, or even a data center fails, with minimum latency disruptions for applications.
  • YDB is available for self-deployment, including Kubernetes, on-premise and cloud environments.


These set of features look incredible. We are looking forward to investigate this piece of technology. Scaling SQL Database is not trivial. If all the promises here are true, this is an incredible product.