2023 State of DevOps Report

published on 2023/10/17
  • Establish a healthy culture - Teams with generative cultures, composed of people who felt included and like they belonged on their team, have 30% higher organizational performance.
  • Build with users in mind - Teams that focus on the user have 40% higher organizational performance.
  • Amplify technical capabilities with quality documentation - high-quality documentation leads to 25% higher team performance.
  • Distribute work fairly - People who identify as underrepresented do 29% more repetitive work. And women or those who self-reported their gender do 40% more repetitive work than men.
  • Increase infrastructure flexibility with cloud - infrastructure flexibility leads to teams with 30% higher organizational performance.
  • Teams that adopt a mindset and practice of continuous improvement are likely to see the most benefits. DORA can help influence your own improvement initiative.


You can download the report here