A comparison of Postgres full text search with other search engines

published on 2022/10/15

Postgres is one of the best F/OSS databases partly because of its immense feature-set.

One of my favorite Postgres features is Full Text Search (FTS). Search is a common requirement of applications. Well-known search engines like Solr and ElasticSearch are often a first choice, but with Postgres in your stack you've got a great chance for Pareto improvement at low complexity cost.

Many projects function just fine with Postgres Full Text Search and other built-in extensions like trigram search (pg_trgm). GitLab's blog has a great article on their use of Trigram indices to speed up search.


Worth reading in full. The article compares it with the following search engines.

  • MeiliSearch
  • OpenSearch
  • SQLite FTS
  • Typesense