A good article on Blazor United

published on 2023/03/01

Blazor United is a push by Microsoft for .NET 8 to blow the doors open on Blazor’s potential as a standards based framework for building modern web applications.

In the last few years we’ve seen concerted efforts in the web development world to move towards a model which brings the interactivity of a SPA, but with the performance of a multi-page app.

Remix, a web framework which uses React as its templating engine, is one example of this; it leans on the traditional mechanisms of the web (full page responses, links, and forms) to build web sites which initially work without JavaScript, but are then enhanced by JavaScript as it becomes available.

Blazor United promises something similar for Blazor and .NET, combining the benefits of Razor page, Blazor Server and Blazor Web Assembly, all in the same app.

Jon Hilton