A list of interesting features of Postgres

published on 2022/10/23
  • Use TABLESAMPLE to get a random sample of your database
  • Generate ranges of values with generate_series
  • Postgres will strip out unused joins with its join pruning feature
  • Know how to deal with dates and times easily in Postgres
  • You can store JSON data easily
  • Difference between JSONB and JSON in PostgreSQL
  • Postgres Cluster Index
  • Different types of index
  • B-tree indexes
  • GIN indexes
  • Hash indexes
  • BRIN indexes
  • GiST Indexes
  • Bloom index
  • Use ROW_NUMBER to add a the row/position counter to each result
  • Change the border style in postgres command line output
  • The different column data types
  • What the WAL is
  • Every query is wrapped in a transaction
  • Recursive queries

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