A review of the Odin programming language

published on 2022/09/11

I started writing Odin professionally approximately a year ago. In that time I’ve written about 50k lines of Odin. This article serves to share my experience with the language and to provide others with an authentic case study from the perspective of a single developer. This article’s intended audience is that of someone who already knows Odin or at least knows of its existence. This will be of very little use if you’re just learning Odin as I delve into more of the inner workings of the Odin language and more specifically the Odin compiler. This is written from my perspective. I’m a systems engineer with approximately 10 years of systems architecture and design experience. That context is important because the use case, development process and methodology I use is specific to systems design. Odin is not only a systems programming language, it can also be used to write web applications (via WASM) and is more general purpose than one may think, in these contexts this article will be of no value as I have neither the experience or understanding to comment on the application of Odin those domains.

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