Agile needs to be more agile

published on 2022/09/04

The problem is that corporate clients are where the money is. And as soon as money gets involved, things get complicated. Scrum trainers have an interest in teaching frameworks and selling courses. There’s no business case to be made for an agile coach to say: “Go and read the agile manifesto, it’s a quick read and easy to understand”.

According to Dave, true agile has been one of the most significant steps in delivering software. Compared to waterfall, it is fundamentally less constrained. Waterfall demands that we know the system and all the possible problems upfront. When doing agile, teams work out how to best tackle a problem and deliver value quickly with fast feedback. But because an agile practitioner can’t answer “when will it be done” right at the beginning, this makes it a difficult sell for “the business”. beny

In SilverKey we are committed to Agile Manifesto. We are not however committed to the various methodologies underpinning the "Agile(tm)" industry.

Adopting agile means always paying attention to your own process and success. What is prescribed needs to be evaluated and thought out carefully for local situation. There is no Silver Bullet.