ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 8 Preview 4

published on 2023/05/18
  • Blazor
    • Streaming rendering with Blazor components
    • Handling form posts with Blazor SSR
    • Route to named elements in Blazor
    • Webcil packaging for Blazor WebAssembly apps
  • API authoring
    • Expanded support for form binding in minimal APIs
    • API project template includes .http file
  • Native AOT
    • Logging and exception handling in compile-time generated minimal APIs
    • ASP.NET Core top-level APIs annotated for trim warnings
    • Reduced app size with configurable HTTPS support
    • Worker Service template updates
    • Additional default services configured in the slim builder
    • API template JSON configuration changes
    • Support for JSON serialization of compiler-generated IAsyncEnumerable unspeakable types
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Identity API endpoints
  • Improved support for custom authorization policies with IAuthorizationRequirementData
  • ASP.NET Core metrics


These are a nice set of improvements to the platform. This reddit discussion is very instructive.