ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 8 Preview 6

published on 2023/07/12
  • Improved startup debugging experience
  • Blazor
  • Form model binding & validation with server-side rendering
  • Enhanced page navigation & form handling
  • Preserve existing DOM elements with streaming rendering
  • Specify component render mode at the call site
  • Interactive rendering with Blazor WebAssembly
  • Sections improvements
  • Cascade query string values to Blazor components
  • Blazor Web App template option for enabling server interactivity
  • Blazor template consolidation
  • Metrics
  • Testing metrics in ASP.NET Core apps
  • New, improved, and renamed counters
  • API authoring
  • Complex form binding support in minimal APIs
  • Servers & middleware
  • HTTP.sys kernel response buffering
  • Redis-based output-cache


.NET 8 is shaping up to be come a very significant update.