Astro, a framework for building content focused website, reaches 1.0

published on 2022/08/10

Astro was designed for building content-rich websites. This includes most marketing sites, publishing sites, documentation sites, blogs, portfolios, and some ecommerce sites.

By contrast, most modern web frameworks are designed for building web applications. These frameworks work best for building more complex, application-like experiences in the browser: logged-in admin dashboards, inboxes, social networks, todo lists, and even native-like applications like Figma and Ping.

This is one of the most important differences to understand about Astro. Astro’s unique focus on content lets Astro make tradeoffs and deliver unmatched performance features that wouldn’t make sense for more application-focused web frameworks to implement.


You can read the 1.0 here.

We are really interested in new approaches and tech in content management and publication. Content is a tricky subject matter in web development. It sounds simple but content is generic and every project has its own particular that no pre-built system can fully accommodate. So in the end a lot of content website become custom project built on top existing open source or commercial CMS.