Avalonia architecture is similar to Flutter

published on 2022/06/03

The most significant similarity is that Avalonia also utilises its own renderer, backed either by Skia or Direct2D. The renderer is responsible for drawing the entire application, allowing Avalonia to avoid depending on a device's UI toolkit.

Beyond industrial device manufacturing, this approach brings countless other benefits, such as ensuring that an app looks and behaves identically across all the supported platforms. The ability to customise any part of the UI for any particular platform is maintained and is as simple as altering XAML styles. With Avalonia, creating great-looking, cross-platform apps without needing to use platform-specific UI APIs for the various devices you're supporting is easy. It's the essence of "write once, run everywhere".


Avalonia is the most promising UI toolkit in .NET space at this moment. Its desktop support fantastic and we can't wait for their mobile offerings to mature.