Cloudflare's fork of PgBouncer

published on 2022/08/31

Previously, PgBouncer would only prevent tenants from exceeding preconfigured limits, not particularly helpful when it’s too late and a user is misbehaving or already has too many connections. PgBouncer now supports enforcing or shrinking per user connection pool limits at runtime, where it is most critically needed to throttle tenants who are issuing a burst of expensive queries, or are hogging connections from other tenants. We’ve also implemented new administrative commands to throttle the maximum connections per user or per pool at runtime.

PgBouncer also now supports statically configuring and dynamically enforcing connection limits per connection pool. This feature is extremely important in order to granularly throttle a tenant’s misbehaving connection pool without throttling and reducing availability on its other non-misbehaving pools.


Nice - hopefully these new features got accepted upstream.