Compile-time logging source generation

published on 2023/05/07

.NET 6 introduces the LoggerMessageAttribute type. This attribute is part of the Microsoft.Extensions.Logging namespace, and when used, it source-generates performant logging APIs. The source-generation logging support is designed to deliver a highly usable and highly performant logging solution for modern .NET applications. The auto-generated source code relies on the ILogger interface in conjunction with LoggerMessage.Define functionality.

The source generator is triggered when LoggerMessageAttribute is used on partial logging methods. When triggered, it is either able to autogenerate the implementation of the partial methods it's decorating, or produce compile-time diagnostics with hints about proper usage. The compile-time logging solution is typically considerably faster at run time than existing logging approaches. It achieves this by eliminating boxing, temporary allocations, and copies to the maximum extent possible.


This is a great optimization technique for logging