Death by a thousand microservices

published on 2023/09/12

And then, a steady stream of FAANG veterans started merging into the river of startups, mentoring the newly-minted and highly impressionable young Javascript server-side engineers. The apostles of the Church of Complexity would assertively claim that “how they did things over at Google” was unquestionable and correct - even if it made no sense under current context and size. What do you mean you don’t have a separate User Preferences Service? That just will not scale, bro!

As you can see, breaking up your problem does not make solving it easier - all you get is another set of even harder problems.

Ultimately, when faced with the need to travel from New York to Philadelphia, you have two options. You can either attempt to construct a highly intricate spaceship for an orbital descent to your destination, or you can simply purchase an Amtrak train ticket for a 90-minute ride. That is the problem at hand.