DeviceScript is TypeScript for Tiny IoT Devices

published on 2023/05/25

DeviceScript brings a professional TypeScript developer experience to low-resource microcontroller-based devices. DeviceScript is compiled to a custom VM bytecode, which can run in very constrained environments.

  • TypeScript. The familiar syntax and tooling, all at your fingertips. Read the language reference.
  • Portable Virtual Machine. Small footprint DeviceScript bytecode interpreter. See supported devices.
  • Hardware as Services. Write reusable application/firmware on top of abstract hardware services.
  • Cloud as Services. Communicate to a cloud with JSON through a unified API, with built-in device health monitoring.
  • Small. Designed for low power, low flash, low memory embedded projects.
  • Simulation & Tracing. Develop and test your firmware using simulated or real sensors.
  • Debugging. Full debugging experience in Visual Studio Code, for hardware or simulated devices.
  • Package Ecosystem. Leverage npm, yarn or pnpm to distribute and consume DeviceScript packages.