Dropbase - build admin panels and internal web apps with Python

published on 2023/12/06

Dropbase is a developer-first platform to build internal web apps with just Python. It lets you easily import your existing Python libraries and scripts so you don’t have to rewrite them to fit our framework.

Build apps by selecting UI components from a list and binding them to data fetcher functions or Python scripts. Use State & Context objects to access and modify the UI state and context directly via Python functions. There's no need to write frontend code.

Dropbase has a highly opinionated app layout that speeds up app development and results in simple apps that effectively solve user problems. All apps consists of a table view and a widget sidebar. By placing table(s) in the table view and UI components in the sidebar widget, you can quickly build anything from admin panels, billing dashboards, and internal engineering tools.

Once you've built your apps, share them with other users via roles, groups, permissions, and granular controls.