EdgeDB 3.0 released

published on 2023/06/23
  • We’ve given our schema declaration language syntax a sleek new makeover, replacing → with : and making property and link keywords optional.

  • Triggers and mutation rewrites let you implement advanced validation and make the database react to your queries in interesting ways.

  • EdgeDB’s graphical UI has been…transformed, adding a new Web REPL, a visual query builder, and a new client settings interface.

  • Get under the hood of your EdgeQL queries with the new analyze command.

  • The new edgedb watch command makes schema migrations get out of your way when rapidly iterating.

  • EdgeQL gets splats, nested modules, new set operators, and more.

  • There’s ext::pgvector. Should we even explain this one?

  • EdgeDB now supports SQL in read-only mode. We want EdgeDB to play nice with your existing business intelligence and analytics toolset.

  • Our native Java and Elixir drivers are ready to go. Or should we say, our native “Kotlin, Scala, Clojure, Java, and Elixir” drivers?

  • EdgeDB 🌤️ Cloud is in private beta and we can’t wait for you to try it out.


This looks like another fantastic release. We are using EdgeDB in our Summer 2023 internship projects and we will report back about our experience.