EdgeDB now has official .NET driver

published on 2022/11/03

All EdgeDB clients share a certain design approach and philosophy that the new .NET client also embraces. In short, all EdgeDB clients should:

  • implement zero-config connectivity, ensured by passing the shared set of connection tests;
  • automatically (and when it’s safe!) reconnect on network errors and retry on transaction serialization errors;
  • be as efficient as possible: lean and mean data serialization and protocol implementation;
  • abstract away the complexity of client-side connection pooling;
  • and, most importantly, the API should be easy to pick up and be productive with in no time!

As usual, we’ve built EdgeDB.Net with performance and developer experience as our highest priorities. EdgeDB.Net achieves this by using a fully asynchronous implementation, making use of high-performance .NET design patterns like Span.