Engineering management checklist

published on 2023/10/23

Section 1: Managing the team

  • every member of the team knows what they should be working on
  • every member of the team knows what to do if they finish a task, or get blocked
  • every member of the team has had a meaningful career conversation within the last six months
  • every member of the team receives timely, meaningful, actionable performance feedback
  • work that needs to get done aligns with work that is rewarded by the promotion process
  • performance reviews never contain surprises
  • team members are able to express ideas for new projects or changes to the way the team works
  • the team is able to give input on roadmaps and plans
  • the team is staffed adequately and work is evenly distributed
  • the team, overall, has the level of functional expertise required to do the work, and a reasonable number of stretch goals are available
  • conflicts are resolved in a fair and respectful way
  • diversity is represented and embraced; a broad spectrum of views are considered


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