Galactica is an AI trained on humanity's scientific knowledge

published on 2022/11/16

Galactica is an AI trained on humanity's scientific knowledge. You can use it as a new interface to access and manipulate what we know about the universe.


This look fascinating.

The Galactica large language model (LLM) is being trained with millions of pieces of academic content. It is designed to help the research community better manage the “explosion of information.”

Galactica was developed by Meta AI in collaboration with Papers with Code. The team identified information overload as a major obstacle to scientific progress. “Researchers are buried under a mass of papers, increasingly unable to distinguish between the meaningful and the inconsequential.”

Galactica is designed to help sort through scientific information. It has been trained with 48 million papers, textbooks and lecture notes, millions of compounds and proteins, scientific websites, encyclopedias and more from the “NatureBook” dataset.

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