Migrating from Relational Databases to Time Series Databases

published on 2023/03/27

While relational databases are a great starting point for many organizations to manage data, they do have limitations when it comes to handling unstructured data, scalability, and performance. Even with recent advancements in sharding, multi-region replication, and storing arbitrary JSON data, other databases such as Document, Graph, and time series databases may outperform relational databases in certain use cases.

In this article, we’ll look at time series databases in particular, given the recent explosion of time series data, owing to the rise of IoT, fintech, and application monitoring to name a few. In fact, time series databases have been the fastest-growing database category for the past five years according to DB-engines. We’ll dive into the unique characteristics of time series data and how time series databases have made different design choices to address those needs. Finally, we’ll look at some options to consider when migrating from a relational database to a time series database.