Mojo programming language

published on 2023/05/03

Write Python or scale all the way down to the metal. Program the multitude of low-level AI hardware. No C++ or CUDA required.


We decided that our mission for Mojo would include innovations in compiler internals and support for current and emerging accelerators, but we didn’t see any need to innovate in language syntax or community. So we chose to embrace the Python ecosystem because it is so widely used, it is loved by the AI ecosystem, and because it is really nice!

We utilize CPython to run all existing Python3 code “out of the box” without modification and use its runtime, unmodified, for full compatibility with the entire ecosystem. Running code this way will get no benefit from Mojo, but the sheer existence and availability of this ecosystem will rapidly accelerate the bring-up of Mojo, and leverage the fact that Python is really great for high level programming already.

We will provide a mechanical migrator that provides very good compatibility for people who want to move Python code to Mojo. For example, Mojo provides a backtick feature that allows use of any keyword as an identifier, providing a trivial mechanical migration path for code that uses those keywords as identifiers or keyword arguments. Code that migrates to Mojo can then utilize the advanced systems programming features.

Modular Docs

I am sold on the condition that it is open sourced. Right now there is no link to the GitHub repository yet.