Moonbit: the fast, compact & user friendly language for WebAssembly

published on 2023/08/19

Moonbit aims to be the Wasm-first language that solves all those challenging issues. It’s fast to build and run, generating compact Wasm output, as easy as Golang and with none of the existing options’ legacy cruft. Together with Wasm's natural efficiency, security, and compactness, Moonbit is well-positioned to fulfill Wasm's long-standing promises for Cloud and Edge computing.

Moonbit is led by Hongbo Zhang and his experienced team, who have over a decade of professional experience in language design and development. Zhang contributed to several programming languages, including OCaml, ReScript (was ReasonML/BuckleScript) and Flow. He was the chief architect for key components of the Rescript language toolchain, including its lightning-fast compiler, standard library, and build system.


This looks very promising