.NET 7 is getting faster

published on 2022/09/01

As with previous versions of .NET, performance is a key focus that pervades the entire stack, whether it be features created explicitly for performance or non-performance-related features that are still designed and implemented with performance keenly in mind. And now that a .NET 7 release candidate is just around the corner, it’s a good time to discuss much of it. Over the course of the last year, every time I’ve reviewed a PR that might positively impact performance, I’ve copied that link to a journal I maintain for the purposes of writing this post. When I sat down to write this a few weeks ago, I was faced with a list of almost 1000 performance-impacting PRs (out of more than 7000 PRs that went into the release), and I’m excited to share almost 500 of them here with you.


This performance blog post is at 178 pages when printed. All these performance work poured into .NET 7 makes it worthy to be used immediately when it hits release.