Quickwit is a Rust based search engine

published on 2022/09/18

Quickwit is a cloud-native search engine for log management & analytics. It is designed to be very cost-effective, easy to operate, and scale to petabytes.

  • Index data persisted on object storage (AWS S3, GCS, MinIO, Ceph)
  • Ingest JSON documents with or without a strict schema
  • Ingest & Aggregation API Elasticsearch compatible
  • Lightweight Embedded UI
  • Runs on a fraction of the resources: written in Rust, powered by the mighty tantivy
  • Works out of the box with sensible defaults
  • Optimized for multi-tenancy. Add and scale tenants with no overhead costs
  • Distributed search
  • Cloud-native: Kubernetes ready
  • Add and remove nodes in seconds
  • Decoupled compute & storage
  • Sleep like a log: all your indexed data is safely stored on object storage
  • Ingest your documents with exactly-once semantics
  • Kafka-native ingestion
  • Search stream API that notably unlocks full-text search in ClickHouse