SilverKey Summer Internship 2023

published on 2023/06/23

SilverKey will starts its annual Summer Internship this Sunday June 25. We have 18 participation from 3 countries.

The students will be training web development using ASP.NET Core 8.0, which includes:

  • Minimal API
  • Razor Pages
  • Blazor SSR
  • Blazor Streaming Rendering
  • Blazor WASM
  • Blazor Server
  • EdgeDB
  • HTMX
  • Orleans
  • TypeScript
  • C# 12
  • Alpine JS

They will also be working on a set of open source projects utilizing what they have learnt. These projects are designed for daily normal use but can also be activated to handle emergency humanitarian cases, hence the concept of Dual Use. The overall umbreall project is called "Humanitarian Infrastructure Dual Use Project".