Slint, a cross platform Native GUI Toolkit hits 1.0

published on 2023/04/04

We're thrilled to announce version 1.0 of Slint, a comprehensive toolkit to build native user interfaces for desktop and embedded devices, implemented in Rust. This is a major milestone, the result of three yearsof work by 50 contributors. Compared to the previous release, version 1.0 introduces only minor API cleanups and bug fixes. For full details refer to the ChangeLog.

Development of Slint (initially known as "SixtyFPS") started in May 2020 to address the needs of modern user interface (UI) development. Having worked tirelessly to build and refine it, we're proud to have reached the stage where paying customers and open-source users are selecting Slint over other UI toolkits to build their applications. The 1.x series signifies that Slint has now graduated out from "development mode" and is ready to be used in production projects.


Congratulation. This toolkit is very interesting and provides binding for C++, JavaScript, and Rust so far.