sqlite3 WASM/JS project is officially launched

published on 2022/10/30

Except where noted in the non-goals, provide a more-or-less feature-complete wrapper to the sqlite3 C API, insofar as WASM feature parity with C allows for. In fact, provide at least the following APIs...

  • Bind a low-level sqlite3 API which is as close to the native one as feasible in terms of usage.
  • A higher-level OO API, more akin to sql.js and node.js-style implementations. This one speaks directly to the low-level API. This API must be used from the same thread as the low-level API.
  • A Worker-based API which speaks to the previous APIs via Worker messages. This one is intended for use in the main thread, with the lower-level APIs installed in a Worker thread, and talking to them via Worker messages. Because Workers are asynchronous and have only a single message channel, some acrobatics are needed here to feed async work results back to the client (as we cannot simply pass around callbacks between the main and Worker threads).
  • A Promise-based variant of the Worker API (#3, above) which entirely hides the cross-thread communication aspects from the user.

Insofar as possible, support persistent client-side storage using available JS APIs. As of this writing, that includes the Origin-Private FileSystem (OPFS) and (very limited) storage via the window.localStorage and window.sessionStorage backends.


It's great to see SQLite offically embrace WASM