Temporal Workflow Visualization

published on 2023/10/12

The Timeline represents the flow of Events in time as your Workflow is executing. It could be a series of sequential Events, or many all at once. There could be large gaps of time between them, or milliseconds. Some could fail or terminate or retry, some could complete as expected. All of these details can be quickly understood from the Timeline at a glance.

Like the Compact view in the UI, we leverage Event Groups —a grouping of related Events— in the Timeline to show what's happening in a Workflow. For example, the three related Events of ActivityTaskScheduled, ActivityTaskStarted, and ActivityTaskCompleted produce a single Activity row that spans the duration of the activity. A tooltip is shown when hovering over the span to show the exact start and end times as well as the duration up to the millisecond. Single Events such as Markers and Signals show as points on the Timeline. The first row of the Timeline represents the Workflow Execution and provides a sense of the total Workflow duration.