The open source paradox

published on 2022/08/14

Open source is different, it’s an artifact, it’s a transposition in code of what you really want to do, of what you feel software should be, or just of all your fun and joy, or even anger you are feeling while coding. And you want it to rock, to be perfect, and you can’t sleep at night if there is a fucking heisenbug. So if a user of your software is addressing you because some part of your code sucks, and is willing to work with you to do something about it, and is very demanding, don’t think they are abusing you because they are not paying you. It’s not about money. You can ignore bugs if you want, and ignore their complains, you can do that since you don’t have a contract to do otherwise, but they are helping you, they care about the same thing you care: your software quality, grandiosity, perfection.