Wing is a cloud-oriented programming language

published on 2023/05/27

When new programming paradigms emerge, it takes languages time to catch up. I used to love building object-oriented code in C, but it was a leaky abstraction. I had to understand how objects are laid out in memory, how V-tables work, and remember to pass the object as the first argument for each function. When programming languages started to support object-oriented concepts as first-class citizens, this paradigm was democratized, and today most developers don't even know what V-tables are, and the world keeps spinning.

Wing, or winglang if you want to be cute about it, has all the good stuff you would expect from a modern, object-oriented, strongly-typed and general-purpose language, but it also includes a few additional primitives designed to support the distributed and service-based nature of the cloud as first-class citizens.

Wing Lang

Interesting. Cloud development can be very maddening. We are glad there are continued effort to make it more difficult.