Wolverine is the next generation of .NET Mediator and Message Bus

published on 2023/03/12

Wolverine is a toolset for command execution and message handling within .NET Core applications. The killer feature of Wolverine (we think) is its very efficient command execution pipeline that can be used as:

  • An inline "mediator" pipeline for executing commands
  • A local message bus within .NET applications
  • A full fledged asynchronous messaging framework for robust communication and interaction between services when used in conjunction with low level messaging infrastructure tools like RabbitMQ,
  • With the WolverineFx.Http library, Wolverine's execution pipeline can be used directly as an alternative ASP.Net Core Endpoint provider

Wolverine tries very hard to be a good citizen within the .NET ecosystem and even when used in "headless" services, uses the idiomatic elements of .NET (logging, configuration, bootstrapping, hosted services) rather than try to reinvent something new. Wolverine utilizes the .NET Generic Host for bootstrapping and application teardown. This makes Wolverine relatively easy to use in combination with many of the most popular .NET tools.


This looks very good. The documentation is extensive and solid. I've read through most of them in one sitting.