SilverKey Monitor

An interactive compiler tutorial

published on 2022/11/27

In this tutorial, we'll be doing an instructed walkthrough of Jamie Kyle's "The Super Tiny Compiler". The Super Tiny Compiler is a simple compiler written in Javascript and we'll write it step by step from scratch.

Announcing ML.NET 2.0

published on 2022/11/27

ML.NET is an open-source, cross-platform machine learning framework for .NET developers that enables integration of custom machine learning models into .NET apps.

This release contains

  • Text Classification scenario in Model Builder
  • Sentence Similarity API
  • Tokenizer support
  • Automated machine learning (AutoML) improvements
  • Advanced options in Model Builder

Microsoft Dev Blog

Processing data in parallel using Channels

published on 2022/11/27

Thanks to the Task Asynchronous Programming model writing asynchronous code in .NET is usually straightforward. Apart from Tasks, the .NET platform comes with a variety of different features that the developers in writing safe code, such as the Task Parallel Library or concurrent data structures. One such feature that rarely gets its spot in the limelight is Channels.


Wasmer, a Web Assembly Runtime, reaches version 3.0

published on 2022/11/24

So, what’s new in Wasmer?

  • wasmer is now able to run WAPM packages directly via wasmer run
  • Better API and memory management
  • We have simplified the way engines work. Now, only one engine is needed (although the engine might use different artifacts to load/store code)
  • Zero-copy deserialization of artifacts
  • Support for creating native executables for any platform
  • Enable multi-value in singlepass compiler
  • WASI improvements


A good overview of Microsoft Orleans

published on 2022/11/24

SilverKey is an ardent adopter of Microsoft Orleans. We use it everywhere in productions.