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ULID implementation in C#

published on 2023/10/02

Fast C# Implementation of ULID for .NET Core and Unity. Ulid is sortable, random id generator. This project aims performance by fastest binary serializer(MessagePack-CSharp) technology. It achives faster generate than Guid.NewGuid.


Cuid2 implementation in C#

published on 2023/10/02

A .NET implementation of collision-resistant ids. You can read more about CUIDs from the official project website.

A command-line utility, cuidgen, is also available that implements the library for those wishing to leverage CUIDs in scripting environments.

NueJs is a brand new JS UI framework

published on 2023/10/02

A tiny (2.3kb minzipped) JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It’s like React/Vue, but there are no hooks, effects, props, or other unusual abstractions on your way. Know the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and you are good to go. It supports both server-side rendering and client-side reactive components. It takes inspiration from Vue 2.0 and Riot.js. (I’m the original author of Riot).


Reorient GitHub Pull Requests Around Changesets

published on 2023/10/01

I've had the experience of using GitHub as a maintainer for very large open source projects (1000+ contributors), as an engineer for very large closed source corporate projects, and everything smaller. Through those experiences up to today, GitHub pull requests is where I spend almost all of my time while on GitHub, and to me its also unfortunately the most frustrating part of GitHub.

There are a lot of improvements I would love to see with pull requests, but a massive chunk of my problems would be solved through one major feature: changesets. This blog post describes this suggestion and what I would love to see.


Grash is an open source Computerized Maintenance Management System

published on 2023/09/30

This project aims to help manage assets, schedule maintenance and track work orders. This is the frontend of the web application developed with React. The backend developed with Spring Boot can be found here. We also have a React Native mobile application. The link to the live website can be found here.


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