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The Collaboration

We are a group of technologists who have been working together since 2003 dedicating our careers to the craft of software development.

We are expert at building consensus in government agencies, implementing projects with United Nations initiatives and realizing visions at private sectors.

About Us

Our mission is to transform the way organizations work through the use of software.

We achieve this mission by:

  • Fostering inclusivity and promoting diversity.
  • Practicing a sustainable engineering culture.
  • Operating ethically and promoting the cause of social justice.

What we do best is to create and to sustain

The world is becoming more risky and volatile. Your IT projects don’t have to.

Many organizations see the benefits of introducing integrated software to their operations in parts to reduce their costs, streamline their operations or to offer new line of offerings. However many have encountered the difficulties inherent in software creations and implementations.

SilverKey is the wise, smart and safe choice for your mission to create critical software projects

  • We have a very diverse set of clients throughout the year and maintain great relationships with them.
  • We work with tomorrow’s technologies, so you’re not investing in the past.
  • We minimize your software project risk and deliver your projects using common sense approach.
  • We’ve had 12 years of relationship with the banks, and 14 years with governments.
  • We have a long term support contract with all of our clients.
  • We weigh all the risks associated with our software projects and take calculated risks.
  • We make it our priority to keep ourselves up to date with the latest technologies.
  • We invest and build startups.
  • We also believe that the web is for everyone.

Our contribution to Open Source Software

Our commitment to Accessibility

You can access our Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool score here.