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Manish Singh / TechCrunch:
Indian government rejects Walmart-owned Flipkart's proposal to enter the food retail business in the country  —  The Indian government has rejected Flipkart's proposal to enter the food retail business in a setback for Walmart, which owns majority of the Indian e-commerce firm …

Zheping Huang / Bloomberg:
Alibaba debuts AliExpress Connect, a service to pair influencers with brands and merchants, hoping to attract 100,000+ creators this year with a focus on Europe  —  - AliExpress Connect links social media darlings with merchants  — Model replicates China success of Taobao's live-streaming app

Jonathan Shieber / TechCrunch:
Tia Health, the developer of a network of digital wellness apps, clinics, and telehealth services focused on women's health, raises $24M Series A  —  Tia Health, the developer of a network of digital wellness apps, clinics and telehealth services designed to treat women's health holistically …

Ben Thompson / Stratechery:
Facebook Shops integration with Shopify is good for Shopify merchants, but using Facebook Checkout limits the upside of Shopify's own payments offering  —  In the month since I wrote The Anti-Amazon Alliance, there has been two significant announcements from two of the principals in that alliance:

Taylor Soper / GeekWire:
A look at recent statements by tech companies, including Amazon, Microsoft, Salesforce, and others, regarding racism in America  —  Comments Share 70 Tweet Share Reddit Email  —  Seattle tech giants Amazon and Microsoft issued statements this weekend in response to the outrage …

Mark Gurman / Bloomberg:
Tim Cook, in a memo to staff addressing racism in US, says Apple will give to non-profits like Equal Justice Initiative, match staff donations 2-to-1 in June  —  - Tim Cook writes letter to employees after George Floyd killing  — Apple donating to equal justice, human rights groups, CEO says

Kim Lyons / The Verge:
YouTube says it will donate $1M to the Center for Policing Equity, a nonprofit think tank that works with police departments to change discriminatory practices  —  The nonprofit works with police departments to address discriminatory behavior  —  YouTube says it will donate $1 million …

Mark Kleinman / Sky News:
London-based freight forwarding and supply chain finance startup Beacon raises $15M Series A from investors including 8VC and Jeff Bezos  —  The Amazon chief is taking a stake in Beacon, a digital freight-forwarding and supply chain finance firm, Sky News learns.  —  City editor @MarkKleinmanSky

Louise Matsakis / Wired:
Some Walmart staff claim AI-based tech used in stores to prevent shoplifting misidentifies innocuous behavior as theft and often fails to flag actual stealing  —  The retailer denies there is any widespread issue with the software, but a group expressed frustration—and public health concerns.

Stitcher Blog:
Stitcher releases its first podcasting report, with 10 years of data trends; a pandemic update shows a dip in listening at commute times and a lunchtime rise  —  What a decade of industry growth looks like from the app perspective.  —  It's been over a decade since we launched the Stitcher app.

Mike Allen / Axios:
Sources: President Trump and Mark Zuckerberg had a phone conversation on Friday that was described by both sides as productive  —  In the week that President Trump took on social media, Axios has learned that he had a call Friday with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg that was described by both sides as productive.

Ultimately imho the only form of protest that works is what Killer Mike said in his speech. Kick their asses in the voting booth.

We, and the world don't understand something really important. The United States is nothing like the country it was a few years ago. There's been so much change -- it's not reversible. There was still a little hope if nothing changed too much before the November election that we might possibly start to recover in January next year, but a couple of things happened that make that impossible now: 1. Barr. 2. Covid-19. We're way down Martin Niemöller's list. It's not just people of color that are under attack. The other day the president tweeted that the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat. Life is very cheap now. 100K people died of a preventable pandemic in the last few months and more that number will die before the election. People who are alive right now. Some who are perfectly healthy, privileged, white. When he talks about dead Democrats, listen. Yes, most of the dead are poor people and people of color. But also enough whites and people of priviledge for us all to feel it now. That's a very profound change, it must not be overlooked. But we cling to the same news system. We value the opinions of people who are heavily invested in the pre-Trump-Covid world. People who naturally tell the story of how we will return to what we were. I just got a heavy dose of that watching just a few minutes of the Sunday news on CNN and MSNBC. But we will not be going back to anything like what we were. We need to get in the moment, and get into save my life mode for all of us. The protests of the last few days are an impossible dream, you can see that in the police reaction. If we're going not be completely devastated, we need new thinking. I thought the two speeches I linked to yesterday were an excellent start. Killer Mike, Angela Merkel and one more, Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms.

Amy Feldman / Forbes:
Benchling, which makes software for tracking and managing data from biotech research, raises $50M at a $850M valuation, bringing its total raised to $114M  —  Sajith Wickramasekara started working on an idea for a cloud-based Crispr design tool for scientists during college at MIT eight years ago.

Andy Greenberg / Wired:
US is taking a state-by-state approach to COVID-19 contact tracing apps, which could cause security and privacy issues in addition to hindering interoperability  —  With no nationwide Covid-19 notification software in sight, security and interoperability issues loom large.

Ian Allison / CoinDesk:
Experts discuss plans announced by Coinbase, Genesis Trading, and BitGo to become crypto's “prime brokers” and what that reveals about the state of the industry  —  It's probably no coincidence that three major crypto firms - Coinbase, Genesis Trading and BitGo …

Lily Hay Newman / Wired:
Internet security group Shadowserver receives $600K over 3 years from Trend Micro and a $400K donation from Internet Society, says it can now operate into 2021  —  Ten weeks ago, Shadowserver's main source of funding dried up.  Now, it's back on level footing.

The picture I liked the best of all that came out of the protests, is a row of white people standing between the cops and the black protesters. Message simple and strong. You have to go through us to get to them.

Killer Mike urges calm amid violence in Atlanta.

Angela Merkel speaks emphatically about speech.

Unix question. Suppose I have a Node app running in the background. Is there a way to send CLI-type commands to the app while it's running? Or do I need to write a small app to communicate with it?