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Matthew Leising / Bloomberg:
Digital Asset Holdings, which develops blockchain-based apps for banks and other businesses, raises $120M from 7Ridge and Eldridge  —  - Investment in crypto firms in 2021 is breaking records  — CEO Rooz says half of new customers only want help with data

Wall Street Journal:
EU proposes strict AI rules, banning “high-risk” uses of AI such as mass surveillance, with non-compliant companies fined up to 6% of annual global revenues  —  EU is proposing one of the first laws globally to regulate the use of artificial intelligence for applications like hiring and policing

Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:
ActiveCampaign, which helps businesses automate email marketing, CRM, and ad campaigns, raises $240M Series C led by Tiger Global at a $3B+ valuation  —  As businesses continue to adopt new digital tools to get their names out into the world, a startup that's built a sales …

Sean Hollister / The Verge:
How Kosta Eleftheriou became a one-man App Store fraud squad, by looking for top grossing apps with fake user reviews and ridiculously high subscription prices  —  A one-man Bunco Squad is poking holes in Apple's App Store image  —  Recently, I reached out to the most profitable company …

Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:
Belgium-based Deliverect, which helps restaurants manage orders from various delivery services in one app, raises $65M, bringing its total raised to $90M  —  Restaurants rode a wave of usage of food delivery services like Deliveroo, Uber Eats and DoorDash in the last year …

Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:
Instagram is rolling out tools to filter out abusive DMs based on keywords and emojis, and to block users along with any new accounts they may create  —  Facebook and its family of apps have long grappled with the issue of how to better manage — and eradicate — bullying and other harassment …

Stack Overflow Blog:
Stack Overflow: 25% of its visitors copy text within 5 minutes of hitting one of its pages and 40.6M copies were made across 7.3M posts from March 26 to April 9  —  They say there's a kernel of truth behind every joke.  In the case of our recent April Fools gag, it might be more like an entire cob, perhaps a bushel of truth.

Anna Kramer / Protocol:
Google data center contractors say they sign up for two year contracts, but to keep the same job they are required to leave for six months before reapplying  —  Shannon Wait felt a muscle pull in her shoulder as she knelt to lug a 50-pound battery into its rack, but she ignored the pain and kept going.

Rita Liao / TechCrunch:
Beijing-based Laiye, which develops robotic process automation software, raises $50M Series C+  —  Robotic process automation has become buzzy in the last few months.  New York-based UiPath is on course to launch an initial public offering after gaining an astounding valuation of $35 billion in February.

Joseph Cox / VICE:
Facebook says a vulnerability that lets attackers find a Facebook profile given an email address is still active after being “erroneously closed out”  —  A video shared with researchers and Motherboard shows a tool linking email addresses to Facebook accounts.  —  Joseph Cox

Rebecca Szkutak / Forbes:
Archipelago, an AI-driven data analytics company focused on commercial property risk management, raises $34M Series B led by Scale Venture Partners  —  Hemant Shah has built a three-decade career working exactly two jobs — both in an area called risk management.

Tom Warren / The Verge:
Microsoft introduces new settings in Outlook to allow breaks between back-to-back meetings after its own research showed that “digital overload is real”  —  Back-to-back meetings can now have a break in between  —  Microsoft is updating Outlook to give companies the option …

Sources: UiPath priced its IPO at $56 per share, above its target range, raising $1.3B and giving it a $29B valuation  —  UiPath Inc., an automation software maker, and its shareholders raised more $1.3 billion in an initial public offering, pricing the shares above a marketed range, according to people familiar with the matter.

Abner Li / 9to5Google:
Google says it will audit WebView and implement a WebView “Safe Mode” after a bug impacting WebView and Chrome caused many Android apps to crash last month  —  Following Android users worldwide experiencing repeated app crashes last month, Google today released an explanation behind …

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That the verdict is coming in so quickly that imho means it's a guilty verdict. Here's why.

  1. Given the strength of the evidence and the fact that there are four black people on the jury, it couldn't be unanimous acquittal.
  2. If it was a divided jury, they couldn't be adjourning so quickly, the judge wouldn't let them.
  3. Therefore the only situation that makes sense, at this point, is a unanimous decision to convict.

What if the place you live became uninhabitable because of climate change?

Today's theme song: Green Acres.

Today's song: Keep the Customer Satisfied.

Happy 4/20 to all my hippie dippie dope smoking friends celebrating the big holiday. And remember what Freewheelin Franklin of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers says.

Freewheelin Franklin.

Some day someone in Silicon Valley will figure out how to get stock options to users in proportion to how early they signed on and the size of their contribution to the success of the platform. The ultimate tech gig. Users eat the world.

I still think this is the sexiest way to embed a tweet in a blog post.

Has BitCoin been centralized? I don't really know enough to know the answer to that question. In other words, is Coinbase to Bitcoin as Facebook is to the open web?

I have a couple of Blink cameras. Blink is owned by Amazon. They're sending me emails saying that my free plan is about to expire and that I should pay them, for something, they're not clear what, but it sounds like my cameras will be useless once they turn off the plan. In about a week. I don't like that they are so vague about what will happen if I don't pay the money. Amazon hasn't always been the most customer-friendly company, but this is unusual for them, not to be reasonably clear what the proposal is. This is the kind of slimy crap I expect from a cable tv company like Comcast or Spectrum. Or AOL back in the day. Companies that want your money and will do everything ot keep it coming, no matter how unprincipled. Of course I can and will let it expire to see what'll happen. I doubt seriously if, as they threaten, then it will be too late. Heh. This is the kind of campaign that just keeps coming.

I got this in the mail. Obviously a scammer. Watch out for this.