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DefiLlama: crypto startup funding has crossed $100B since 2014; The Block Research: Coinbase Ventures has made 443 investments or ~4% of all deals since 2017  —  - Investment picked up amid a rebound in the crypto market  — Tokens from startups are a potential bright spot for exits

Chris Metinko / Crunchbase News:
A look at tech companies' investments in AI startups: Nvidia and NVentures completed a total of 32 deals in 2023, while Microsoft and M12 made 21 investments  —  Just last week it was reported chip giant Nvidia, Salesforce Ventures 1 and Cisco all participated in a $450 million investment for Toronto-based AI startup Cohere.

Caroline O'Donovan / Washington Post:
Leaked documents reveal life-threatening issues at Amazon's primary-care service One Medical, raising concerns about Amazon's frugal approach to health care  —  Patient safety issues have increased since One Medical shifted care to a call center staffed by contractors, employees say.

Juli Clover / MacRumors:
Apple added a Vocal Shortcuts accessibility feature in iOS 18 that lets users give Siri a new wake word, such as “hello, computer”  —  Apple in iOS 18 added a Vocal Shortcuts accessibility feature, and now that iOS 18 is available in a beta capacity, users have figured …

Ben Cohen / Wall Street Journal:
How Duolingo uses streaks and notifications to keep users coming back to the app; 70% of Duolingo's 30M+ DAUs have weeklong streaks and 5M have one-year streaks  —  The learning app doesn't just teach languages.  It harnesses the power of streaks and hooks you with perfectly timed nudges.

Rollo Romig / New York Times:
A profile of game publisher Devolver Digital, which gives indie studios immense creative freedom, doesn't take IP rights from them, and is turning 15 on June 25  —  Devolver Digital teams with independent video game studios and gives them immense freedom.  Just don't kill Jeff Bezos.

Warning if you haven't watched the second season of The Jinx you should not read this, because it's a total spoiler.

When Durst is cross-examined in the trial, the prosecutor asks a series of questions that got him to admit that if he had actually killed his first wife, he would have lied in his testimony. He asked a whole bunch of things but stopped short of asking the question that would have nailed him.

Mr Durst, would you kill someone to avoid being convicted of killing your wife?

From what we know of Durst he would have had a hard time saying no. When he's caught he generally admits he's caught.

They got the conviction anyway.

PS: I don't recommend either season but having watched the first, I was kind of committed to watching the second. He's a truly despicable character.

Andrew Williams / Wired:
Apple may not be bringing Apple Intelligence to iPhone 15, which has 6GB of RAM vs. iPhone 15 Pro's 8GB, due to RAM requirements for on-device AI processing  —  Older iPhones might well be able to cope with Apple's AI, so why won't your $900 year-old model run it?  Here's why.

This function is included in every bit of software I write. Never know when you might need a random snarky slogan. I added two today. 1. There's no time like now, and 2. Mirrors lie.

Paresh Dave / Wired:
How the launch of AI search chatbots such as Bing Copilot is affecting advertisers, as they look for new ways to target users with relevant ads  —  Microsoft and Google are bringing ads to their AI search experiences.  But users don't always find it helpful.

"If looks could kill it would have been us instead of him." -- Beatles.

I have a server that's returning OPML files. It's not the first time I've done this, but now there seem to be enough other people interested in this that it's worth raising this question. What content type should I use. Generally I've been using text/xml. But I see other people using text/opml. Here's a thread.

One place I could use ChatGPT-like functionality, in debugging CSS. I'd like to put my cursor on an object in Elements view and ask why does this object have a width of 1054.09px. When I look it up in the Computed panel it's greyed out, and for the life of me I can't figure out how to get the debugger to explain this. But there is an answer to this question.

Is there a Kickstarter for political ads? I'd like to put up a page with yesterday's ad, and let people put up money to run it. The more money we raise the more the ad runs.

Getting a new case for an old cellphone is a huge cost savings, because you're getting most of the benefits of having a new phone for approx 1/86th of the cost, by my calculations.

Andrew Leland / New York Magazine:
How disabled people use Apple Vision Pro for work, entertainment, and more, and interviews with some disabled Apple staff who built the accessibility features  —  The headset is already changing disabled users' lives.  —  In her childhood bedroom, Maxine Collard had a PC connected …

Keza MacDonald / The Guardian:
Indie games were the real stars of the Summer Game Fest 2024; the top 10 bestselling games of 2024 so far on Steam in terms of units sold are almost all indie  —  In this week's newsletter: While the blockbuster end of the games industry is in the doldrums, independent developers are leading a creative resurgence

Camomile Shumba / CoinDesk:
Nigeria drops tax evasion charges against Binance executives Tigran Gambaryan and Nadeem Anjarwalla, who still face money laundering charges  —  The executives, Tigran Gambaryan and Nadeem Anjarwalla, are still named in a money-laundering case.  — Tax charges against Binance executives Tigran Gambaryan …

Ankit Patel / NVIDIA Blog:
Nvidia announces Nemotron-4 340B, a family of models that developers can use to generate synthetic data for training LLMs for commercial applications  —  Nemotron-4 340B, a family of models optimized for NVIDIA NeMo and NVIDIA TensorRT-LLM, includes cutting-edge instruct and reward models, and a dataset for generative AI training.

The Information:
Source: Altman told investors that OpenAI could become a for-profit business not controlled by its nonprofit board; Microsoft execs favor a for-profit option  —  OpenAI CEO Sam Altman recently told some shareholders that the artificial intelligence developer is considering changing …

Jake Bleiberg / Bloomberg:
US prosecutors charge two men with operating Empire Market, a dark web marketplace for illicit goods and services that did $430M+ in sales between 2018 and 2020  —  - Prosecutors say ‘Empire Market’ did $430 million in sales  — Drugs and malicious computer programs were sold, US says

Riley de León / CNBC:
Tempus AI's shares closed up 8.8% at $40.25 in the company's Nasdaq debut, giving it a market value of about $6.6B, after raising $410.7M in its IPO  —  WATCH NOW  —  Tempus AI, a health-care diagnostics company that uses AI to interpret medical tests to help physicians provide …

Okay it's not the best political ad ever but it's pretty freaking good.

We love America and the flag stands for the good in us, in all of us. And our president not only gets that, he is doing what presidents are supposed to do, unite us. To the extent that we can at this time be united. But even a MAGA, viewing this ad, is going to have to swell up with pride for what this country means.

But I have a question for my campaign friend and politics rabbi -- Joe Trippi. Joe, why don't they ask for a contribution at the end? I'd pay money specifically to have that ad run everywhere, even in states we have no chance of winning. Because there are people in every state that deserve encouragement, and if we want to really win we need them to feel part of our great country as much as anyone in a swing state. And there's always value in forcing the opposition to campaign in states they otherwise feel are safe.

So let me -- a regular citizen -- earmark a contribution for this message. It gives me another way to vote, a sense I'm participating.

I'd like YouTube TV to let me block Fox News. It shows up on their home screen as the default channel and it starts playing automatically. For some reason they've decided need to watch Fox News. Please stop doing that. Not just for me, for everyone. If there has to be a default make it something easy like Seinfeld perhaps. Or Law & Order. I haven't switched from Spectrum, I'm trying YouTube TV while I think about switching. This is a small thing, but might be a deal-stopper. I don't want my nose rubbed in how evil they are. I know. I want to turn on TV to escape. A Julie Andrews movie perhaps.

I hate sticky keyboards. Very low tolerance.

Matt Terenzio, who has been a friend for many years, threw a fat pitch about people like me who think the NY Times has a lot of explaining to do. I don't think anyone is listening, but my issue with the Times is when they embrace and promote conspiracy theories that damage our political system. Matt says we have many truths, and I think that's where we differ, there has to be one truth when it comes to accusations of the kind that the Repubs throw at Democratic candidates and minorities. When they take a side against the people, that's when I have a problem.

Thanks Mr President. This needed to be said.