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Florian Mueller / FOSS Patents:
Ericsson sues Apple over 5G and other patents, following the expiration of the cross-license agreement between the two companies and no renewal deal  —  Ericsson's patent cross-license agreement with Apple has expired, and no renewal has been agreed upon, which is why infringement litigation became inevitable.

Apple and Google warn of harmful consequences to user privacy and security from two proposed Senate antitrust bills scheduled to be considered this week  —  - Apple warned in a letter on Tuesday that antitrust bills being considered in the Senate would increase the risk of security breaches to iPhone users.

NBC News:
Snapchat's friend recommendation feature will no longer suggest users under 18, unless they have a certain number of friends in common, to curb drug dealing  —  Exclusive: Snapchat executive on company's efforts to stop sale of counterfeit pills  —  Snapchat's parent company announced Tuesday …

Chris Stokel-Walker / MIT Technology Review:
A look at Tonga's internet blackout following the volcano blast, which initial investigations suggest destroyed the country's single undersea internet cable  —  The world is anxiously awaiting news from the island—but on top of the physical destruction, the eruption has disconnected it from the internet.

Aastha Maheshwari / DealStreetAsia:
Indonesia's Moladin, which pivoted to a used car and motorbike marketplace in mid-2021, raises a $42M Series A led by Northstar Group and Sequoia Capital India  —  Moladin, an Indonesian marketplace for used cars and motorbikes, has announced the close of its $42 million Series A funding round …

Sources: Activision Blizzard tried to find other buyers, including Meta, while weighing a potential Microsoft takeover after the WSJ's exposé in November  —  Late last year, as Activision Blizzard Inc. and Chief Executive Officer Bobby Kotick were reeling from accusations that Kotick knew …

Charlize Alcaraz / BetaKit:
Financial data and analytics startup Canalyst raises a $70M Series C led by Dragoneer Investment Group, bringing its total funding to over $100M  —  The round brings Canalyst's total funding to over $100 million.  —  Vancouver and New York-based Canalyst has raised $70 million USD …

Saritha Rai / Bloomberg:
Reliance buys a majority stake in Indian startup Addverb, which uses robots to make e-commerce warehouses and energy production more efficient, for $132M  —  Billionaire Mukesh Ambani's Reliance Industries Ltd. is buying an Indian robotics startup as the conglomerate scales up automation across …

Kyle Wiggers / VentureBeat:, which offers AI-powered tools for wholesale distributors to help sales reps and customers manage products across channels, raises a $20M Series A  —  During the pandemic, sales teams have been stretched by the resource-intensive transition to digital.

Noah Kirsch / The Daily Beast:
Internal memo: CEO Vishal Garg resumes full-time duties over a month after taking time off following his controversial firing of ~900 staff on Zoom  —  The volatile founder had laid off hundreds of workers in an emotionless webinar, triggering widespread scorn online.

Kate Rooney / CNBC:
The US OCC and Federal Reserve approve SoFi's bid to become a bank holding company via its Golden Pacific Bancorp acquisition; SoFi stock jumps 16%+ after hours  —  - San Francisco-based SoFi got approval from its two key regulators to become a bank holding company.

Kyle Alspach / VentureBeat:
Banyan Security, which offers a zero trust remote access client and saw a 300% increase in users in 2021, raises a $30M Series B led by Third Point Ventures  —  Banyan Security, which today announced raising $30 million in series B funding, said it saw a 300% increase in users in 2021 …

Makena Kelly / The Verge:
Democratic lawmakers unveil the Banning Surveillance Advertising Act, which would ban targeted ads but allow broad location-based and contextual ads  —  It could reshape the entire tech industry  —  On Tuesday, Democrats introduced a new bill that would ban nearly all use …

Andrew Hayward / Decrypt:
The Metaplex Foundation, developer of an NFT protocol behind 5.7M+ minted Solana NFTs, raises $46M with Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson among 90+ investors  —  The protocol that powers millions of Solana NFTs finds prominent backers as it looks towards the metaverse and beyond.  —  In brief

I hear that Karabiner-Elements will help me swap the Ctrl and Cmd keys on my Logitech MX keyboard.

Wall Street Journal:
AT&T and Verizon temporarily restrict 5G expansion near US airports, but a few airlines will still suspend some flights on Wednesday amid Boeing's guidance  —  Flight suspensions occur even as AT&T and Verizon agree to limit signals within 2 miles of runways to address air-safety concerns

As we're starting to test the Linux and Windows versions of Electric Drummer there have been some basic questions. I thought I should respond publicly so people understand what we're doing.

  • Electric Drummer or E/D for short, is an app that runs on the desktop, hosted by its operating system. Like a word processor or a graphics program. It's most like Slack or the Atom editor, but it's Drummer, a multi-tab outliner for note-taking, organizing and publishing.
  • It runs in Electron, a beautiful environment that makes cross-platform apps easier to create and manage.
  • E/D saves files on your local file system as any desktop app does.
  • It can also hook up to your web Drummer account for outlines that you want to make public. It's how I do Scripting News. The outline that I edit is on my local system,. It's also a public file, so it can be accessed by the CMS when I ask it to render my blog from the outline. The public file is stored in my web Drummer account. It's a nice combination.
  • E/D is a scripting system, like web Drummer is. It will be able to access the local file system, and also will be able to run a server, none of which are possible from the web app.
  • There is already a Mac version of E/D that has been available since October 10, when Drummer shipped.
  • It's the same as web Drummer, a few commands work differently because it runs in a different place, but it's the same code, same outliner, same UI, same bugs (!), etc.


One year ago today.

Congress isn’t going to save us.

Journalism isn’t.

Not the president, Supreme Court, billionaires, rock stars, influencers, professors, Lebron, Jayz or CEOs.

Not Robert Mueller or Merrick Garland.

We have to organize, in great numbers and scare the shit out of the enemy.

it’s not yet too late for that.

LogSeq plugin developer? As you may know, I've written a Node app that flows LogSeq journal writing to a Drummer blog. Here's an example. It does the whole thing, except it should be baked into LogSeq. Setting up a Node app and running it externally is both too difficult for an average user and too many steps. We already have a great techie user who I worked with me to get the Node app working, who is up to speed on using the software. He can guide the process, we just need a dev to work with him. I'm available to help too, to the extent that I can. If you are a LogSeq plugin dev, please post a note in this thread, and we can hopefully get started right away. Thanks!

The keyboard saga continues. I've decided to make the Mac work like Windows and Ubuntu, swapping the Ctrl and Cmd keys, but for some reason my Bluetooth keyboard is not showing up in the list of keyboards whose modifier keys you can change. The list is empty. I tried disconnecting the keyboard and reconnecting, no luck. I guess I should try rebooting the machine. If you have an idea, reply to this tweet. Thanks!

I can tell today is going to be one of those days. My power went out overnight, but luckily I have a generator this winter (newly installed in the summer) and it automatically kicked in. But there are no outages listed on the Central Hudson outage map. Oy. I'll make the best of it.