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Charlize Alcaraz / BetaKit:
ResQ, a SaaS startup that lets restaurants manage and pay for repairs and maintenance through its service provider marketplace, raises a $39M Series A  —  Toronto-based SaaS startup ResQ has raised $48.5 million CAD ($39 million USD) from a Series A funding round.

Kate Park / TechCrunch:
South Korea's largest travel booking app Yanolja buys a 70% stake in Interpark, a publicly listed South Korean e-commerce company, for about $250M  —  South Korean travel tech startup Yanolja has acquired a 70% stake in a listed South Korean e-commerce pioneer, Interpark, for about $250 million.

Today's Drummer change notes.

Crystal Tse / Bloomberg:
Expensify files for an IPO, and reports net income of $15M on revenue of $65M in H1 2021, up from $3.5M on revenue of $41M in H1 2020  —  Expensify Inc. filed for an initial public offering, disclosing growing revenue and income.  —  The maker of expense management software in its filing Friday …

Ian Birnbaum / VICE:
Some indie game developers say connecting with fans on Discord is helping humanize developer teams, shielding them from backlash and abuse  —  A thriving Discord community has become an essential part of the game dev toolkit—especially for small independent games and busy community managers.

Pjotr Sauer / The Guardian:
Moscow introduces Face Pay in its metro system, which Russia says is the world's first mass-scale facial recognition payment system, across 240 stations  —  Campaigners say Face Pay, launched in over 240 stations, is ‘dangerous step’ in efforts to control population

Christine Hall / TechCrunch:
Clarifai, which uses AI to help companies manage unstructured data, raises a $60M Series C led by New Enterprise Associates, bringing its total raised to $100M  —  Clarifai wants to bring artificial intelligence into the lives of developers, business operators and data scientists …

Chavi Mehta / Reuters:
Jack Dorsey says Square is considering building an open source Bitcoin miner, using custom silicon, for individuals and businesses  —  Square Inc (SQ.N) Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey said on Friday the fintech firm is looking to build a bitcoin mining system based on custom silicon …

A friend asked if it was true that Spotify now owns podcasting. They read something in Wired that said they did. They're idiots. Or trying to get clicks. Or maybe they're idiots and they're trying to get clicks. Anyway -- no, Spotify does not own podcasting. As long as people say "subscribe where ever you get your podcasts" at the end of their podcast you have nothing to worry about. I'm not even going to link to the Wired article.

Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai / VICE:
Seven former employees detail Twitch's 2014 hack that forced it to rebuild much of its code infrastructure, and that hack's knock-on effects  —  Former Twitch employees shared details of the hack the company suffered in 2014, and how the company's approach to security evolved after it.

Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:
Spot AI, which makes software that can search through video footage, raises $22M, including a $20M Series A led by Redpoint Ventures  —  Security cameras, for better or for worse, are part and parcel of how many businesses monitor spaces in the workplace for security or operational reasons.

Zoe Schiffer / The Verge:
Netflix fires a leader of the trans employee resource group who was organizing a walkout, for allegedly leaking metrics related to the Dave Chappelle special  —  The company suspects they leaked metrics about the Dave Chappelle special to the press  —  Netflix has fired a leader …

Kellen Browning / New York Times:
Janneke Parrish, a leader of the #AppleToo movement, says she was fired for deleting files off her work devices before handing them over for an investigation  —  A leader of an activist movement within Apple said she was fired by the company on Thursday.  —  Janneke Parrish …

Mitchell Clark / The Verge:
Valve quietly updates Steam's rules to ban games “built on blockchain technology that issue or allow exchange of cryptocurrencies or NFTs”  —  Your move, Epic Games Store  —  Games that use blockchain technology or let users exchange NFTs or cryptocurrencies won't be allowed on Steam …

Mark Sweney / The Guardian:
Netflix UK reports revenue of £172M in 2020, up 43% YoY, and pre-tax profits of £19.4M, up 50% YoY, and ~2M new subscribers, for an estimated total of 13M  —  Streaming company adds 2 million UK subscribers in 2020 and vows to pay more tax  —  Netflix paid just £4m …

Joseph Cox / VICE:
White House details its plan for the federal government to adopt phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication methods, such as using hardware security keys  —  An Office of Management and Budget official explained the large scale plan to move the federal government to phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication.

Sergiu Gatlan / BleepingComputer:
Twitch downplays last week's hack, saying it had minimal impact and user login credentials, full credit card numbers, and bank information were not exposed  —  In an update regarding this month's security incident, Twitch downplayed the breach saying that it had minimal impact and only affected a small number of users.

The Giants lost. I'm so sorry. I knew however that it would end in an awful way when the batter, with two out in the bottom of the 9th with a runner on first, the Dodgers leading by one in what was the last game of the season for one of these teams, was Wilmer Flores. Mets fans remember him and love him like a son, because the Mets broke his heart and he didn't hide his feelings. So they didn't trade him in 2015 when the Mets went on to win the National League pennant, Flores was the team mascot, but they eventually did let him go, and he was on the forever to be remembered as the ill-fated Giants of 2021. When he stepped into the batter's box late last night I knew it would not end well. It didn't. In a very unsatisfactory way. Which I think was inevitable, probably the instant the Giants signed him. He is a man of great consequence.

An iOS and Android app.

It can manage multiple notes. They are simple things, simple styling, multiple paragraphs per item. Of course Markdown.

It stays in sync with something that's accessible over the web, kind of like an RSS feed just for me.

Then I tell Drummer, Roam, whatever -- where to hook into it. And it appears in my writing world as a flat outline. I can edit in both places. So I can put a note from my desktop into this mobile world, and write something while I'm out and about that hooks into my larger writing world.

Super important: Not part of Apple or Dropbox or whatever's world. Then I would have to go through them to get my own writing, and eventually they will break me.

It's amazing how broken this shit is now. I'm almost broken in Apple's world. And Dropbox blew up what we were doing a few years back. We're about to get evicted by Chrome. But Linux, RSS, OPML and Markdown keep chugging along. And Twitter too btw. They've actually been very good, even though the hype says otherwise.

See today's updates on the Drummer blog. I think we have the initial fires taken care of. Knock wood, praise Murphy, I am not a lawyer. Time to take a step back, catch my breath and figure out what the next steps are. In the meantime I'll be rooting for the Giants tonight.

Time for the loser to STFU.