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Manish Singh / TechCrunch:
Twitter has partnered with Dailyhunt to bring Moments to the Indian news app to showcase curated tweets pertaining to news and other events in India  —  Five years after its launch, Twitter Moments is growing beyond the American social networking platform.  —  On Monday, Twitter …

Washington Post:
Tech giants are bracing for tougher regulation under Biden's administration, as Democrats' calls for regulation have become more urgent after Capitol attacks  —  The Democratic Party's calls for regulation have grown more urgent in the days since Biden won the presidency …

Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:
UK-based Bloom & Wild, an online florist that delivers flowers sourced directly from growers, raises $102M Series D led by General Catalyst for expansion in EU  —  Bloom & Wild, a London-based startup that takes an updated and online approach to the very traditional business of ordering …

A handy web page tells when Trump leaves office.

Mike Butcher / TechCrunch:
proSapient, a research service helping customers gather insights from experts via interviews and surveys, raises $10M Series A led by Smedvig Capital  —  For several years there has been talk about how to leverage ‘experts’ online.  How do you ‘suck their brains’ for information in an efficient manner …

New Yorker cover.

Sources: as German car trading service Auto1 plans its IPO, Sequoia and Lone Pine will each buy ~€50M in shares from existing investors and put €50M+ in its IPO  —  - Lone Pine also purchases stock from early backer DN Capital  — Both funds want to buy more shares in Auto1's planned IPO

When the virus is under control will the networks revert to having in-studio guests? If not, one of the tech companies should make a total turnkey home TV guest computer, with everything you need to sound and look great when your Maddow moment comes. This sounds like a project for Microsoft. Or one of the smart speaker companies? A lot of interviewees use Skype. One thing to start, teach people how to make ther room sound good. Lots of pillows to start with. You can handle a poor picture better than awful audio.

if you want to help the country start to heal.. Move one of the news networks to the middle of the country. CNN, MSNBC, or something new. Instead of reporting from NY and DC, do it from Chicago or Dallas. Same news, same people, just put the host in the middle of the country. When and why did CNN move from Atlanta?

Los Angeles Times:
Amateur digital sleuths have joined massive crowdsourcing efforts on social media to track violent Capitol rioters, passing the evidence to authorities  —  The digital sleuths take to their computers in the moments when they can peel away from their real-world responsibilities — jobs …

I think the people who invaded the Capitol are telling the truth when they say Trump told them to do it. But that's not all. Trump made them feel special. They were one of a few thousand people that he trusted to set this right. It may not be logical, but the people in the videos seemed drunk. From the recognition from god. The ProPublic videos show that, at the demonstration. They actually called him god. Trump. The scene in the Senate from the New Yorker video, sounded like what I think a hospital for the insane would. Where was their sense of self. DId they think they would get away with it? Why would they think that? Hard to imagine someone could be so far from reality.

Another motto that has yet to make it online. "People think I'm creative but I'm just hard of hearing."

Here's why you need super lightweight easy to deploy networking interfaces. So you can quickly create connections between apps when the idea occurs to you, when you have the need. Then you can use it, and then you have experience using the 1-in-10 idea that's so good to want to further develop, when you develop it for real. That's why your second version of something is so much better than the first, and the third version is good enough for other people to use (even though we make them use the first two versions anyway). The idea we had, for connecting apps on a single machine, back in the mid-80s was right. It has been a big part of the evolution of every layer since. (And probably before, I just wasn't around during those evolutions.) I mention this because in less than 10 minutes I whipped up a connection between two worlds I'm working on, and watched the newer app update based on a ping from my older app. Ping! It "just worked" and if you're a programmer you know how satisfying that can be.

Joanna Stern / Wall Street Journal:
Social media algorithms amplify the reach of incendiary, misinformation-filled conspiracy theories, and users have no control over them  —  What you see in your feeds isn't up to you.  What's at stake is no longer just missing a birthday.  It's your sanity—and world peace.

Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:
All-in-one HR service Personio raises $125M Series D at a $1.7B post-money valuation co-led by Index Ventures and Meritech  —  With the last year changing how (and where) many of us work, organizations have started to rethink how well they manage their employees, and what tools they use to do that.

Wall Street Journal:
AT&T, Verizon, and other bidders have spent a record $80.9B during the 5G spectrum auction, expected to lead to a wave of borrowing for the indebted sector  —  AT&T, Verizon expected to turn to bond markets and banks to finance bids in record-setting FCC airwaves auction

Anshuman Daga / Reuters:
Sources: Southeast Asian ride-hailing and food delivery giant Grab is considering an IPO in the US this year that could raise at least $2B  —  SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Southeast Asian ride-hailing and food delivery giant Grab is exploring a listing in the United States this year …

Sebastian Sinclair / CoinDesk:, an offline mobile map for travelers, raises $50M in a funding round led by Alameda Research, aims to launch “yield earning” DeFi tools inside the app  —  The funding will go toward the launch of a multi-currency wallet on, enabling decentralized finance (DeFi) features for 140 million users.

Manish Singh / TechCrunch:
Tencent-backed Hike, once India's answer to WhatsApp and valued at $1.4B in 2016, says it is shutting down its messaging app Sticker Chat  —  India's answer to WhatsApp has completely moved on from messaging.  —  Hike Messenger, backed by Tencent, Tiger Global and SoftBank and valued …

Sohee Kim / Bloomberg:
Samsung Electronics heir Jay Y. Lee was sentenced to 30 months in prison over bribery charges; Lee still faces a second prosecution related to succession  —  - Lee sentenced to two and a half years in jail after court case  — Samsung succession scandal has rocked South Korea for years

Benedict Evans:
Social platforms are neither communication services nor publishers, and society will have to evolve new norms to regulate speech on them  —  Facebook has close to 2bn users, posting over 100bn things each day.  The global SMS system, at its peak, had 20-25bn messages a day.

Will Knight / Wired:
A Harvard medical student used OpenAI's GPT-2 to submit comments on Idaho's Medicaid draft proposal; volunteers couldn't tell them apart from those by humans  —  A Harvard medical student submitted auto-generated comments to Medicaid; volunteers couldn't distinguish them from those penned by humans.

I've been working, in slow mode, on a new feature for my outliners, tagging. I saw a similar idea in action with Roam Research's outliner, and thought it was a really nice idea. I always want to save references to my notes in a cumulative index, like the index in the back of a book. This has always been a good companion to the fluid hierarchy, the outline structure which is more like the table of contents in front of a book. Only when you're working electronically, there isn't really a middle. Everything is in both places, at the same time. It's ideas like this that make programmers' eyes glaze over. They start using words like orthogonal, or loosely connected, and of course the always welcome "distributed." Really having fun programming the last week or so. As the world is falling apart. Why not? It's not like any of us are getting out of this alive. 🚀

Seth Meyers' closer look at Trump's failed Insurrection.

White supremacy is the crisis in the US. There was confusion after 9/11 if we were at war, and now it's even more confusing. What's not confusing is that both events were Acts of War. If I were white, and I am, I'd want to have a way to clearly say I am not with them.

It's nice to see more people using

We thought we lost a lot on 9-11, but it's nothing compared to what we're losing now.

NYT front page on 9/12/2001.

There's a weird feeling in the world right now. Tomorrow is a national holiday, and Wednesday is Inauguration Day. No matter what, things will change radically in the US in the next few days.

I got an answer to a question I asked yesterday, about who 20K+ troops in DC will report to, until Biden is sworn in. By law they report to the commander-in-chief, President Trump. Just a fact. If Trump orders them to assassinate everyone at the inauguration, it's not all that different from what Trump told the mob to do on January 6. So unfortunately it is in the realm of possibility.

It all hinges on who the troops are loyal to. Turns out the military thought of that, and pre-screened the soldiers assigned to this job to weed out white supremacists. I kid you not. They know how to do that? I guess it would be naive for them not to.

I have a nightmareish vision of Anwar Sadat's assassination in 1981. If you haven't seen it, watch the video. You've never seen anything like it, even in a movie or TV show. As they say, this is why you want to have programmers around, we think about these things. 💥

I read last night that the Pentagon turned Trump down for a great military send-off on Wednesday morning. Interesting, are they allowed to do that? No one seems to be questioning it.

Anyway, if it goes smoothly and the Bidens end up running the government on Thursday, and recinding Trump's orders, the tension goes down a lot. We still have to deal with Trump, and Republicans, but really if they could just STFU our real business is with the virus.

All the usual mottos apply, Let's Have Fun, Still diggin, and It's not like anyone gets out of this alive.