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Dan Milmo / The Guardian:
The UK proposes an Online Safety Bill amendment that would force tech firms to scan for and remove CSAM or be fined up to £18M or 10% of their annual turnover  —  Home secretary says new powers could require tech firms to remove encrypted abuse material would bring privacy and security

Aditya Kalra / Reuters:
Sources: India's Enforcement Directorate on Tuesday raided Chinese smartphone maker Vivo's offices as part of an investigation into suspected money laundering  —  India's financial crime-fighting agency on Tuesday raided the offices of smartphone maker Vivo, owned by China's BBK Electronics …

Kyle Wiggers / TechCrunch:
Voyantis, which develops AI-powered tools to help marketing teams predict a customer's lifetime value, emerges from stealth with a $19M seed  —  Voyantis, a startup developing tools to estimate a customer's lifetime value, today emerged from stealth with $19 million in seed funding from Target Global …

Krisztian Sandor / CoinDesk:
On-chain data: Celsius paid down $183M of its debt to DeFi exchange Maker, freeing up $40M in wrapped bitcoin tokens posted as collateral against the loans  —  The troubled crypto lender paid down $183 million of its debt to the decentralized exchange Maker, blockchain data shows …

Sources: the US is lobbying the Netherlands to ban ASML from selling some of its older deep ultraviolet lithography systems for chip production to China  —  The US is pushing the Netherlands to ban ASML Holding NV from selling to China mainstream technology essential in making a large chunk …

Emily Baker-White / Forbes:
The Senate Intelligence Committee asks the FTC to investigate whether TikTok misled lawmakers about China-based ByteDance employees accessing American user data  —  China-based employees at TikTok's parent company, ByteDance, repeatedly accessed sensitive U.S. user data …

Derek B. Johnson / SC Media:
NIST selects four encryption algorithms designed to withstand future quantum computing hacking threats to be part of its post-quantum cryptographic standard  —  For years, the National Institute for Standards and Technology have been working on a project to identify and vet a handful …

Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:
UK signs its first data sharing deal post-Brexit, with South Korea, allowing organizations in the two countries to transfer data without restrictions  —  Six years on from the referendum where the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU, the country is announcing its first international data sharing deal …

Dear YouTubeTV which is constantly nagging me to reactivate their service. There's no way as far as I know to talk to them (they sure talk a lot to me) other than posting this publicly. So -- I would absolutely switch to your service if you had MSG and SNY. I need to be able to watch Knicks and Mets games. That's all that keeps me with Spectrum whose software is nowhere near as good as Google's.

David Pan / Bloomberg:
Core Scientific, a top bitcoin miner with nearly 10% of the network's hash rate, sold 7,202 mined BTC for $167M in June and now holds 1,959 BTC  —  Core Scientific Inc., a top crypto miner, sold the bulk of its Bitcoin holdings in June as a steep drop in digital assets squeezes finances for even the leaders of the industry.

I was out and about this morning running errands and everywhere I went I was the only one wearing a mask. I wanted to ask people if they thought Covid was over, but of course I didn't. I got a few stares which I interpreted to mean they felt judged by me. True. And I by them.

Ryan Browne / CNBC:
Nexo, a crypto lender managing assets for ~4M users, says it signed a term sheet to explore buying Vauld, which halted withdrawals and manages assets for ~100K  —  - Nexo has signed a term sheet with Vauld giving it 60 days of exclusive talks to explore an all-equity acquisition of the company.

Drummer and a bunch of other services were down for a couple of hours. They're back now. Still diggin! 💥

How Ukraine's Kyivstar mobile network stays operational during Russia's invasion, despite killed employees, seized infrastructure, and relentless cyberattacks  —  Employees killed and displaced, infrastructure seized by force and relentless cyberattacks are only a few of the challenges …

Aaron Tilley / Wall Street Journal:
Synergy Research: Amazon, Microsoft, and Google accounted for 65% of the $53B in global cloud spending in Q1 2022, up from 52% in 2018  —  Three companies account for about two-thirds of cloud spending and are using their size to maintain their hold on rapidly growing market

Taylor Nicole Rogers / Financial Times:
Survey: 25% of Black American investors owned crypto at the start of 2022, compared to 15% of white investors, leaving them vulnerable during the downturn  —  Higher exposure to digital assets leaves owners vulnerable to downturn  —  The widespread losses caused by the cryptocurrency crash are even broader among black investors.

Lucas Shaw / Bloomberg:
Netflix, Amazon, Warner Bros., and others cut costs, staff, movies, and TV shows; the industry released 559 scripted shows in 2021, up by 200+ compared to 2013  —  The sudden decline in Netflix's share price and the growing fear of a recession have forced Hollywood into a new period of fiscal austerity.

Seb Joseph / Digiday:
Digital ad and linear TV ad spending by the top crypto advertisers in the US plummeted in the past few months amid the cryptocurrency markets' sharp decline  —  Don't expect to see many crypto ads for a minute.  The companies behind them are trimming down costs wherever they can, including advertising.

There was a time when all the rivers in NY were polluted. When every apartment building had a furnace where they burned all the garbage.

I remember walking to school in second grade, scrubbed clean by my mother, with soot falling in my hair and on my clothes.

But then we decided this was no way to live, and we cleaned up our act. We stopped dumping waste into the rivers and air.

The point is when we decide to fix something we can.

Today's song: US Blues. "I'm Uncle Sam that's who I am. Been hiding out in a rock and roll band." Happy Independence Day!

A great scene from No Country for Old Men, a movie with a lot of great scenes. The woman says "The coin don't got no say in it, it's just you." The man says "I got here the same way the coin did."

Another post that came straight from a twitter thread.

I've been saying this a different way. We as citizens have been protesting. That's wrong. We must be demanding. Look where protesting got us. Our politicians, both parties, have forgotten they are responsible to us. Or more appropriately, we have forgotten.

It's like going to the doctor, and they say okay we have to switch strategies from preventing to mitigating. In other words you now have the disease we've been trying to prevent. In Ohio they have a law that makes abortion illegal, now. Not in the future. Today. July 4, 2022.

In other words, we have the disease. We waited too long. We didn't listen to the doctor.

I look at what's happening in Ukraine, the Russians destroying cities just for the hell of it. How far are we from having that happen everywhere? How far from having it happen here?

But wait, it's even worse than that. They are preventing Ukraine's wheat from reaching the world. We will see the results of that soon. So it's not just Ukraine that they're destroying. Now come on connect the dots. Trump is Russia. The Repubs are Russia.

Here's the nightmare. The police are Russia too.

We're funding our enemy right now. Arming them. Giving them everything they ask for.

The nightmare is that an awful lot of our military thinks Trump was just right.

And we protest.

Protest is pointless unless it leads to something.