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Samson Amore / dot.LA:
LA-based GrayMatter Robotics, which makes AI-powered robots for automating tedious or ergonomically challenging factory tasks for humans, raised a $20M Series A  —  Samson Amore is a reporter for dot.LA. He previously covered technology and entertainment for TheWrap and reported …

Dean Takahashi / VentureBeat:
Massachusetts-based Modulate, which scans voice chat using machine learning to find toxic players in online games, raised a $30M Series A led by Lakestar  —  Modulate has raised $30 million to build out its AI product, ToxMod, which scans voice chat using machine learning to find toxic players in online games.

Paul Sawers / TechCrunch:
HiBob, which offers cloud-based HR tools, has raised a $150M Series D led by General Atlantic at a $2.45B valuation, up from $1.65B in October 2021  —  Cloud-based human resource (HR) platform HiBob today announced that it has raised $150 million in a Series D round of funding at a $2.45 billion valuation.

Tencent says a Reuters report that claimed the company plans to sell all or much of its $24B stake in Chinese food delivery company Meituan “is not accurate”  —  Food delivery giant Meituan rose in US trading after Tencent Holdings Ltd. Chief Strategy Officer James Mitchell …

Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:
TikTok is rolling out a new sharing feature to let users publish their TikTok Stories to Reddit, Facebook, and Instagram  —  Facebook and Instagram may be busy trying to clone TikTok within their own apps as Reels, but a new feature rolling out now from TikTok will see the short-form video …

David Jeans / Forbes:
Adam Neumann's real estate startup Flow plans to launch a digital wallet for crypto and fiat currencies and may offer a tokenized rewards program  —  Updated: When Adam Neumann revealed his new venture to WeWork-ify the residential real estate sector Tuesday, backed by a $350 million investment …

Kari McMahon / The Block:
Collective NFT ownership service Fractional raised a $20M Series A led by Paradigm and is rebranding to Tessera  —  - Collective NFT ownership platform Fractional is rebranding to Tessera.  — Alongside the rebrand, Tessera has closed a $20 million Series A round led by Paradigm.

With all the talk today about feeds for Twitter with Markdown that work in any feed reader, it's time for me to show you something for real that isn't hype. 😄

This is the feed of my tweets.

You can and should subscribe to it in any feed reader.

Let's find out how well this idea works in practice.

As they say...

Still diggin!

PS: More stuff tomorrow.

Tom Warren / The Verge:
Microsoft is rolling out widget notifications on the Windows 11 taskbar, with live updates from widgets such as weather, finance, sports, and breaking news  —  The notifications include weather and stock alerts  —  Microsoft is rolling out a taskbar notification system to its Windows 11 widgets this week.

Jordan Novet / CNBC:
Cisco beats estimates with Q4 revenue flat YoY at $13.1B, vs. $12.8B est., and a fiscal year 2023 guidance of 4% to 6% revenue growth YoY, vs. 2.3% est.  —  - Cisco gave better-than-expected guidance for its full 2023 fiscal year.  — Management touted strong demand despite a volatile backdrop.

RSS and Markdown were made for Twitter or is it the other way.

Mark Gurman / Bloomberg:
Code inside the Netflix iPhone app suggests that the ad-supported tier arriving in early 2023 won't let users download shows for offline viewing  —  Netflix Inc. isn't planning to let users of its new ad-supported tier download shows and movies to their devices for offline viewing …

Andrew Cunningham / Ars Technica:
iOS, iPadOS, and macOS receive updates to fix kernel and WebKit security flaws that allowed arbitrary code execution and were reportedly being exploited  —  Kernel and WebKit bugs can allow arbitrary code execution on Apple's devices.  —  Apple has released a trio of operating system updates …

Kyle Wiggers / TechCrunch:
HyperTrack, a logistics startup that offers APIs for freight order planning, assignment, and tracking, announces a $25M Series A led by WestBridge Capital  —  In a sign that the market for logistics and transportation tech isn't cooling (economic downturn be damned), HyperTrack …

Sebastian Herrera / Wall Street Journal:
Source: Amazon is testing a feature, reportedly called Inspire, in its app that would show users a TikTok-style feed of product photos and videos  —  Beta feature is being assessed internally by employees, could eventually be launched more broadly  —  Even Inc. AMZN -2.60%▼ wants to be a little like TikTok.

Mark Gurman / Bloomberg:
Sources: Apple is aiming to hold an online event on September 7 to unveil the iPhone 14 line; the phones are expected to be released on September 16  —  Apple Inc. is aiming to hold a launch event on Sept. 7 to unveil the iPhone 14 line, according to people with knowledge of the matter …

My philosophy is that everything people use to write is a writing tool, and can be made better by paying attention to how people use it and most important, how they want to use it.

Amina Niasse / Bloomberg: spending on TV ads by crypto companies fell from an $85M peak in February 2022 to $3M in June and $36K in July, the lowest level since January 2021  —  Matt Damon's pitch to invest in crypto has disappeared from US television sets.  Same goes for glitzy commercials starring LeBron James and Tom Brady.

What a titled, tweeted markdown-enhanced RSS item looks like in 2022. And this is what that tweet looks like when it gets to Feedly.

The reason I ask is that soon you will be able to publish to all RSS readers from Twitter. It really works, there's some serious innovation here, and fills in a missing piece that's been there since the mid-00s. This is RSS and Twitter waking up after a long sleep.

Poll: Do you use a feed reader like NetNewsWire or Feedly?

There's a problem with putting docs on GitHub: you can't redirect from the pages if you need to relocate them. Unless of course I'm missing something.

Better Call Saul spoilers follow. You have been warned! 💥

The previous episode ended with the hero threatening to kill an old crippled woman whose mistake was trusting him. People thought this meant that his slide would continue in the finale, and it certainly did, but then it turned around -- and it became what I had hoped it would be -- a love story!

We didn't spend 14 years with this character, all the while knowing he had a good heart, he loved his brother and Kim, and all the old folks at Sandpiper, he really did love them, only to find out at the end his heart was cold and there was no redemption for our hero. I thought that would not be consistent with the writers of the show.

In the final scenes, we see the hero, sentenced to 86 years, doing the same thing he was doing at Cinnebon in Omaha, and as usual his fellow prisoners and guards had fallen in love with him, as we all did. In the final scene, he's back together with Kim, sharing a cigarette. He's still Slippin Jimmy with a heart of gold. And she's slippin around too, her ID as a lawyer hadn't expired. And the door is wide open for a sequel, btw.

The final touch, where the actors come out one by one and thank us -- what a concept -- for our love of them. In all the finales of all the shows, great ones and not so great, I've never seen this done, and it ended this show with a heart on just the right note. ❤️